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Soil stabilizer for road construction

Soil stabilizer for road construction

  • product name: Soil curing agent
  • Level: Industrial
  • Colour: Dark brown or black liquid
  • Solid content: ≥50%
  • Density (20℃,g/mL): ≥1.0
  • pH (20℃,1%): 7-10
Soil solidifying agent is a new high tech new environmental road building material, which directly acts on Soil and solidify the soil on the ground to form the base of composite stabilized soil pavement.
The base of composite stabilized soil pavement is a semi rigid material which is formed by soil stabilizer and inorganic binder (cement, lime) and soil.Combined with the commonly used inorganic material stable material compared to composite stabilized soil can be achieved locally, in a certain range, can replace the commonly used sand, gravel, lime and other inorganic materials with less dosage, thereby reducing the project cost, saving resources, saving energy, is conducive to the protection of the ecological environment.This technology is applied to new and rebuilt highway engineering, composite stabilized soil roadbase and subbase, and different kinds of pavement construction, such as ecological park, rural road, parking lot, well site, temporary road and so on.
Scope of use
Build the subgrade
Field hardening
Rammed earth wall
Wipe the walls
Preparation of unfired bricks
Welldone products can help you solve the road building problem, like dust control, improve compressive strength of the pavement, not afraid of water, also means not afraid of rainy days, heavy vehicles can still travel as usual. No longer affect the normal operation of the work to reduce unnecessary losses.

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