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Polyacrylamide for Incense stickPolyacrylamide for Incense stickPolyacrylamide for Incense stick

Polyacrylamide for Incense stick

  • 1. Low mixing rate: 1:15 ~ 1:50
  • 2. Low production cost: 40%~60% save on production
  • 3. Environmental friendly: green chemical
Super Agarbatti Binder (SAB) is the best replacement of traditional joss powder, an environmental friend green chemical.
Joss powder is a natural product mainly from vietnam, mixing rate with wood powder and charcoal powder at 1:10(max). On traditional production, there need a lot of spaces for the stock of joss powder and need lot of costs on transportation.
SAB is a special polyacrylamide, special made to incense stick industry, features with very high viscosity, less adoption, less production costs and environmental friendly.

Mix 1kg SAB with 15-50kg wood and charcoal powder, mixing for 5-8 minutes after add water, then start production.

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