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“Light Snow”

  • Author:Jack Ma
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2020-11-22

Light Snow

Light Snow is the 20th solar term in the twenty-four solar terms, and the second solar term in winter. It is on November 22 or 23 of the Gregorian calendar every year, when the sun reaches 240° of the yellow longitude. Light snow is a solar term that reflects precipitation and temperature. It is a solar term that has a higher frequency of cold waves and strong cold air activities. The arrival of the light snow season means that the weather will get colder and precipitation will increase.

This solar term is called "Xiaoxue" because "snow" is the product of cold weather. During this solar term, the climate is not deep and the precipitation is not heavy, so "Xiaoxue" is used to compare the climatic characteristics of this solar term. "Xiaoxue" is a metaphor, reflecting the active cold current and increasing precipitation during this solar term, not the small amount of snow under this solar term. During the light snow season, a relatively stable meridional circulation has been established in East Asia. There are often low pressures or troughs in Siberia. When moving eastward, large-scale cold air will flow to the south, and large-scale winds will cool down in southeast my country.

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