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"Mangosteen" is coming

  • Author:Becky Zhao
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2018-09-17
"Mangosteen" is coming
On the 16th, the typhoon "Hawthorn" of the 22nd this year weakened into a typhoon level, and moved into Guangxi after 23 o'clock. Officials in Guangxi Yulin, Nanning, Beihai and other places have taken emergency plans; many places have stopped working and suspended business, and the scenic spots have been closed. The market has seen the phenomenon of food, goods, food and water.
The Guangxi Meteorological Observatory continued to issue a typhoon red warning at 18:00 on the 16th. It is predicted that after the typhoon "Mangosteen" enters Guangxi, it will continue to move westward and northward, passing through the southwestern part of Guangxi, and its intensity will gradually weaken.
Affected by "Mangosteen", there will be heavy rains on the 16th to 17th of the Beibu Gulf, with a rotating wind of 10-11 and a gust of 12. In most parts of Guangxi, there were heavy rains and heavy rains, and some heavy rains. There are 10-11 grades in southeastern Guangxi and coastal areas, with strong winds of 12-13 gusts, and 7-8 grades in the rest.
On the 16th, Guangxi Yulin City, Beihai City, Nanning City and other places officially launched emergency rescue and emergency response plans; Yulin and Nanning education departments issued two-day suspension notice (September 17 to 18); Nanning, Laibin City mainly The scenic spot is temporarily closed. The fire department of Yulin City has urgently deployed more than 120 emergency rescue vehicles such as fire engines, mobile fuel trucks, excavators, forklifts, emergency communication vehicles and emergency power generation vehicles, and more than 25,000 sets of rubber boats, assault boats, drones and life jackets. Equipment such as life-saving throwing throwers form an emergency linkage mechanism. The local fire brigade has set up 13 emergency rescue units, and 562 well-equipped rescue workers are on standby. In the event of a disaster, the rescue will be triggered in the first time. In addition, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Fire Corps also mobilized Nanning, Liuzhou, and Zhangzhou fire-fighting vehicles and rescue personnel to help Yulin.
As the "mangosteen" came to the forefront, on the 16th, many supermarkets and markets in Nanning and Beihai experienced a large number of people sipping water and food. Vegetables, meat, eggs and drinking water were quickly purchased. The prices of fruits and vegetables are stable.