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The Ministry of Commerce will continue to expand imports of high-quality services

  • Author:Hana Wang
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2020-11-12

At the press conference of the "China Services Import Report 2020" (referred to as "Report") at the 3rd CIIE, Chen Chunjiang, Director of the Department of Trade in Services of the Ministry of Commerce, stated that the Ministry of Commerce will take multiple measures to further promote the expansion of imports of high-quality services. It is estimated that in the next five years, China's service import growth rate will be higher than the world average, and the cumulative service import scale is expected to reach 2.5 trillion US dollars, which which represents more than 10% of the world share.

The "Report" noted that despite the temporary impact of the epidemic on China's economy, China's long-term service import target has not changed. In the next five years, China's travel imports are expected to exceed US $ 1 trillion; the total import of digital services such as royalties from intellectual property, telecommunications, computer and information services, financial services, insurance services and other commercial services will exceed US $ 1.3 trillion.

Chen Chunjiang said that in the next step, it will continue to actively expand the openness of service trade and accelerate the construction of a new upper-level open economic system. Continue to promote the construction of an open platform for the innovative development of trade in services, promote the cancellation or relaxation of restrictions on cross-border trade in services, fully implement the national pre-access treatment plus the negative list management system, establish and improve cross-border service trade negative list management system and continue to optimize service trade The business environment has continuously expanded the import of high-quality services.

To reduce restrictions on importing services, China announced at this year's CIIE that it will compress the "Catalog of Prohibited and Restricted Technologies for Imports into China" (hereinafter referred to as the "Catalog"). In response to a question from a reporter from the Economic Information Daily, Chen Chunjiang stated that the Ministry of Commerce will work closely with relevant departments to advance the Catalog adjustment. In addition to retaining the necessary technical elements related to national security and environmental protection, the role of market regulation will be highlighted. Technology items that are prohibited and restricted in import are compressed to further improve the business environment for technology trading and create a good environment for the free flow of technology items across borders.

The "Catalog" was published and implemented for the first time in 2001 and was first revised in 2007. It has been more than 10 years since the 2007 version of the "Catalog" was published, including 39 prohibited imports and 87 restricted imports. Much of the content is no longer suitable for the globalization of technological innovation.

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